wordle 3Web API

Many popular internet services offer an API (Application Programming Interface). These services can be readily integrated into a Microsoft Access Database applications to offer enhancements never before possible.

Some popular internet Web API services that I use are :

Google Maps
By using VBA and integrating with the Google Maps API (free version) it is possible for a Microsoft Access database to generate maps (inside the database frontend or a browser) based on a postcode or address. It is also possible to calculate distances, travel times and routes between multiple locations, useful for calculating travel expenses or logistic planning.

Send / Receive text messages directly from your database frontend. Outbound messages are commonly used to notify customers when items have been dispatched, or as an All Person Broadcast to send information or opportunities to clients or remote workers.   Inbound messages can be used to gather feedback, survey results or acknowledgements.

DPD (UK Courier firm) have a very powerful API that allows labels to be created directly from your database.
(many courier firms offer other methods to integrate with their systems,  but the WebAPI offered by DPD is exceptional).

MailChimp offer a bulk email service for sending out mailshots to large numbers of recipients.  The MailChimp API allows you to integrate your database mailing list with MailChimps,  giving you a greater handle on who gets sent what, and keeping your contact lists in sync.

Find an address from a postcode.  This can be integrated into you database application (or even Sage) so that when you enter the postcode, the rest of the address is determined automatically.