Sage Line 50 IntegrationSage

Sage Line 50 is a popular accounting and finance software package used by many small and medium businesses.

Benefits of integrating Sage with your database :
Reduce double entry, saving time and improving data integrity – no need to key into two systems.
Increased Accessibility. Populate your database with Sage information making it available to all database users (whether they are Sage users or not).
Improved Flexibility. Create a system that matches your business requirements.  Frontend databases can offer a similar look and feel to Sage, but with the fields and workflow your company requires.  Information can then be posted to Sage to keep your accounts in order.

Services :
Over 15 years of experience integrating software with Sage Line 50 for many different clients in various industries.
Thorough knowledge of Sage Accounts Line 50.
Installation of Sage software on multi-user systems (various versions/platforms including Terminal Services).

Extensive integration with Microsoft Access,  including :

  • Reading customer, supplier, stock and financial information from Sage,
  • Posting back to Sage – Purchase invoices, Sales invoices, Stock transactions, New customers/suppliers.

Integration is achieved using the following methods :

ODBC – (Open Database Connectivity) Connecting via the ODBC allows read-only access to Sage tables. It is easy to implement but restricted in use.
SDO – (Sage Data Objects) is the API (Application programming interface) provided by Sage to allow full integration including the ability to read and write to all aspects of Sage. Almost anything can be achieved using this method.
CSV files – (Comma Seperated Value) files are files that can be generated by a database, and then simply imported into Sage using the Sage import/export methods.  Crude but effective.

Typical Applications for integrating Microsoft Access with Sage Line 50 :

Sales Order Processing
Purchase Order Processing
Stock Management
Linking Customer information
Linking Supplier information
Posting Purchase Invoices
Creating Sales Invoices
Job Costing
Advanced reporting, turnover by month reports.
Factored invoice tracking.

Integration with Sage Payroll :
Partial integration with Sage payroll to read Employee information.
Creating CSV files for import/export to Sage Payroll.  Usually Employee/Hours/Qty for populating Payroll from external Timesheet software.